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CBD Oil: Could it be a game changer for your dog?

CBD oil can be a game changer addition to your pets quality of life.

I think it’s important to share these stories as there is still the stigma around CBD.

Really all you need is to do some research, a desire to try it for your dog, someone to help you along the way.

If you are consulting with your vet always mention you are giving your dog CBD. It’s important to keep them informed.

Australia is slowly learning more about the benefits of CBD for pets and more vets are being provided with information about it as well, which is great news.

Below are two of my stories about CBD for dogs:

1. My own experience with CBD oil was for our Rottweiler Rubi, who had a problem with her neck and front leg mobility.

We had consulted with vet specialists, she had scans that didn’t show anything except a tumour on her pituitary gland, nodules on her liver and spleen and enlarged lymph nodes (all these were a concern for other reasons, however I won’t go into detail here).

The complimentary therapies, chiro, acupuncture, laser/red light therapy and massage definitely helped her comfort levels.

We had to assume it was a nerve problem in her neck affecting her mobility of her front leg as well as Rubi sometimes crying out because of sudden pain coming from her neck, she found it difficult to lower her head to the ground and also the dog shake off was tricky for her too.

This couldn’t be left to continue and thoughts of having to have her put down if things didn’t improve started to creep in.

Rubi was unable to tolerate the anti inflammatory drugs prescribed by the vet.

She was already on a good quality raw, fresh food diet, not over vaccinated or given toxic products routinely recommended by big pharma.

Along came a good quality full spectrum CBD oil, third party tested, dosage can take a little while to work out.

For Rubi it was a game changer, within a few weeks we started to see improvement in her mobility as well as the pain in her eyes had also gone away.

She was a new dog, like a puppy again, playing and bouncing around. We were cautious with her as we didn’t want her injuring herself.

She also looked more rested when napping.

Unfortunately a few years later Rubi was diagnosed with the dreaded bone cancer. As I mentioned above those scans a few years earlier showing other issues quite possibly meant she was fighting off cancer or inflammation leading to cancer.

We increased her CBD oil dosage for pain management (with added extra terpenes) along with an off label drug amantadine prescribed by our vet (approx 2 hour gap between meds and CBD) which helped manage her pain until it was time to say goodbye until we meet again, sweet girl.

For those that don’t know, Rottweilers are one of the breeds commonly known to get bone cancer/osteosarcoma.

Interesting I found some studies done on large dogs who were desexed early, approx 6 months old (what we now know is way too early for a Rottweiler to be desexed) can be more likely to get bone cancer. As well as compounded by TPLO surgery (cruciate ligament surgery where they cut the bone and make adjustments to the leg to make it more stable) and this can trigger a tumour in the bone that was operated on possibly due to the titanium plates used as well.

With Rubi the cancer sight was directly in the first leg she had TPLO surgery many years ago.

I don’t mention this to create fear for you and your dog, however I would’ve loved to know this information so we could’ve provided more support for Rubi and possibly delayed or stopped the cancer silently growing. Hindsight.

2. More recently I have started my mums dog Rupert, Chihuahua x Mini Foxie , on CBD oil for his anxiety. Using the bottle left over from Rubi. Thanks Rubi.

It’s been a few weeks now and he is more rested and isn’t as anxious. This is also because he is settling in to his new home but the CBD has definitely helped relax him as well.

I give him two doses a day. I started with a few drops of 1000mg strength bottle and now giving him around 8-9 drops twice a day.

I might look at reducing his dosage in the future, we will see how he goes.

The CBD used for dogs is not the type that will make your dog stoned as it doesn’t contain THC (or only very small amount).

Anything with THC you would need to be very cautious if using for your dog and you would want to consult with someone who has experience with dosage for dogs.

The THC can be more effective for dogs needing pain management.

If your pet is on other medications it’s recommended to allow around 2 hour gap between the CBD and any meds.

There are different ways to administer, previously it was suggested to take sublingually, under the tongue, and let sit there to absorb through the mucous membranes, however I have seen updated research to suggest giving with food with fat content can be even more effective!

So you never know how it might work for your pet, but do whatever works for you and your pet.

Often administering it can be too stressful or time consuming if trying to give it sublingually to your dog.

With Rubi I gave to her in small amount of bone broth.

With Rupert I’m giving to him in his food.

If your dog is a fussy eater you could try giving it in a small serving of food so you can be sure your dog has taken the dosage.

A minimum of twice a day is recommended for your dog to benefit the most.

The general guide is to start low and go slow.

Any information provided here is general information only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

Interested and want to read more about CBD?

Some good information from Dogs Naturally.

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